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Hello everyone,

21ST Century Health Concepts (21CHCLLC.com) is up and running, a site I created to do health consulting both here in Savannah and nationally (through tele-health).

I am now accepting referrals for any and all individuals with new onset or chronic health issues who are either getting poor results with standard allopathic (medical/drug therapy) treatments, or who simply would rather deal with the root causes of their health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms. I offer medical nutrition therapy, health coaching, and Comprehensive Lifestyle Treatment (a review of all known influences on an individual's health, including medications, supplements, sleep, physical activity, diet, environment, emotional state, lab tests, and more).

Long-distance appointments are available by telephone, so in-office appointments are not required to get the benefit of these services. Payments are accepted by credit card, rates are set low for all to be able to afford, and payment plans are available for those who are cash-strapped. The site describes services and will soon be populated with interesting health information (there's something there currently on coronavirus that no one else is talking about).

Most exciting of all is the evidence that diabetes can be reversed if less than 10 years in duration. I have helped several patients get off medications and manage blood sugar with diet and exercise alone, as I have with other patients with arthritis, migraine, and other health issues. Referrals would be appreciated and your comments are welcome.


Rick Weissinger, MS, RD, LDN, CHC
Registered/Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach
Author, What the Experts Say About Food and Cancer
Co-author, Nutrition Guide for Clinicians, editions 1-3
Phone: (912) 226-6191 (Home)
(301) 525-9078 (Mobile)


18 Copper Court, Savannah, GA 31419
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