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María Fernanda Lairet is a contemporary artist who has become a Latin American art reference. She is currently based in Georgia - USA studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design - SCAD.
Her photographic series, paintings and visual collages have been continuously presented and awarded in collective and individual exhibitions in Latin America, USA, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia, in addition to enriching private collections.

She won a "Global Art Awards 2017" in Dubai in the Street Art category with its visual collage of paper money “Dubai-Lairet”. The symbolism and spiritual values of the banknotes were recreated, overlapped and "geometrized" to achieve a particular interpretation of the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

This important recognition coincides with the installation of Lairet series in Silicon Valley Airport in the city of San José - California, one of the most important centers of technological innovation with nearly 11 million passengers a year.

In addition, the artist has been selected by the Nashville Arts Magazine as one of the great photographers of 2017.

In his quest to delight audiences in innovative way, Lairet has resorted to new formats, utilitarian pieces and architectural games that interact with space, light and color.

Such is the case of Banco Exterior headquarter and agencies in her country Venezuela, where María virtually became them as centers for artistic inspiration and comfort to more than 200 employees. Each department was involved with adaptations of his most famous series: "Global Narratives", making each area acquired its own personality by codes in juxtaposition and three-dimensionality.

Lairet and her team have launched a global project to create unique and comfortable spaces. She adapts in a wide scale his photographic works, paintings & collages for a unique dialogue with the viewer.


Maria Fernanda LAIRET, Savannah, GA 31401
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