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Moon Rabbit Media is a Savannah, Georgia, based multimedia film production company with a unique vision. Our staff of directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors draw on their diverse experiences in film & television, advertising, social media, journalism, and photography to design content that connects with audiences intellectually and emotionally.

What sets Moon Rabbit Media apart from other film production companies is our firsthand experience working with the very top professionals in various industries, whether it is with actors like Hugh Jackman, Shia LaBeouf, Will Smith, Elle Fanning, and Dwayne Johnson or with award winning architects, real estate agents, college and hospital administrators, internationally acclaimed chefs, small business owners, musicians, athletes, and corporate executives.

We have completed projects for clients as close to home as the Savannah Voice Festival to as far away as the San Francisco Zoo, and have worked for brands such as Bravo, Coca-Cola, Hallmark, Harper’s Bazaar, HBO, Hulu, Lionsgate, NBC, Netflix, Regal, Target, The American Institute of Architects, and Vistaprint.

With insight into the latest marketing strategies, we use creativity to persuade audiences on behalf of our clients. Our work is characterized by strong storytelling and stellar visuals. By applying narrative principles to everything we produce, our media is meaningful, impactful, results driven, and increases our clients’ sales. If you’re looking to expand your business to the next level, let us take you on a filmmaking adventure! Contact us today for your no-obligation quote.


Savannah, GA
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