Volunteer Leaders

The Board of Directors is the policy making body of the Chamber. Its members represent the business and professional leadership of the community and consist of 48 elected members who are elected for leadership roles in a three-year term. The Board establishes the annual operating budget and the specific program concentrations for the Chamber and oversees the progress and profitability of each during the course of the year.

The Executive Committee consists of the Officers and may include one or more “At-Large” members. It exercises the powers of the Board between scheduled Board meetings.

The Chairperson is the volunteer leader of the organization, presides over the Board and Executive Committee meetings, appoints committee chairpersons, and is the spokesperson for the organization. The bylaws call for one or more Vice Chairpersons to oversee the various departmental areas of involvement within the Chamber.

Committees, task forces and councils provide the most effective means of harnessing the energies and abilities of volunteer workers. Volunteers are drawn from the various Chamber members to assist in the projects of the Chamber.

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